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Our mission is to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity through education and counseling that counteracts deceptive proselytizing targeting Jews for conversion and  promotes critical thinking.

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Jews for Judaism’s preventative education programs, resources and Knowledge Center, are a most powerful means for inoculating the Jewish community against the threat of deceptive Christian missionary and destructive cult groups.

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Help us continue to reach out to Jews involved with missionaries, cults, eastern religions and intermarriage and share with them the joy and beauty of Judaism and offer them a chance to come home.

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Jews for Judaism Australia

Stolen Minds

Understanding Cults

According to recent estimates, there are now over 5,000 cults operating throughout North America. The lives of countless people are being negatively impacted by these insidious groups.

Еврейская Ответ на миссионеров – Русский

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Russian

С более чем 360 000 в печати, и доступны в восьми других языках, еврейский ответ на миссионеров в русском ясным, кратким и легким для чтения руководство и отличный ресурс для родителей, студентов, молодых взрослых, педагогов и раввинов.

La respuesta judía a los Misioneros – Portugués

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Portuguese

Com mais de 360 mil na impressão, e está disponível em oito línguas, a resposta judaica para missionários em Portuguse é um manual claro, conciso e de fácil leitura e um excelente recurso para os pais, estudantes, adultos jovens, educadores e rabinos. Sua informação é educativo, eficaz e uma excelente inoculação contra esforços missionários.

התגובה היהודית למיסיונרים – בעברית

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Hebrew

עם מעל 360,000 בדפוס, וזמין בשמונה שפות אחרות, התגובה היהודית למיסיונרים בעברית הוא מדריך ברור, תמציתי וקל לקריאה ומשאב מצוין עבור הורים, סטודנטים, צעיר, מחנכים ורבנים. המידע שלו הוא חינוכי, יעיל וחיסון נגד מאמצים מעולים מיסיונרית.

犹太响应传教士 – 中国

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Chinese


The Jewish Response to Missionaries – English

With over 360,000 in print, in 9 languages, this clear, concise and easy to read handbook is an excellent resource for parents, students, young adults, educators and rabbis. Its information is both educational, effective and a superb inoculation against missionary efforts.

La réponse juive à Missionnaires – français

The Jewish Response To Missionaries - French

Avec plus de 360 000 dans la presse, en 9 langues, ce claire, concise et facile à lire manuel est une excellente ressource pour les parents, les étudiants, les jeunes adultes, les éducateurs et les rabbins. Son information est à la fois éducatif, efficace et un superbe inoculation contre les efforts missionnaires. Les sujets traités [Read More]