Be-True: Empowering Youth to make critical choices

The Be-True program empowers high school and college students with knowledge, critical thinking skills, and tools to cope with peer pressure.

Dealing with deceptive Missionaries

In the past, missionaries utilized tactics that were primarily overt, such as distributing their literature on street corners and on college campuses. This in-your-face technique garnered them notoriety and converted many Jews.

Currently, a new missionary trend has begun to spread on campuses throughout the country. Evangelical Christian missionaries have expanded their efforts to include a covert and deceptive “peer-to-peer” proselytizing model that specifically targets Jewish high school and college students.
Working with a team of collaborating agencies that includes Hillel, JSU, LA Hebrew High and JCA Shalom Institute, the Be-True initiative has developed several resources to help students and community agencies across the country respond effectively to this critical issue.

In addition to our Annual Student Leadership Training Conference, we are developing a state-of-the-art website, comprehensive student prep-kit, interactive DVD, specialized training for Jewish professionals, and Campus Representative program.

Join our Campus Rep Program

Campus Reps throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and other developing locations, will mobilize the hundreds of students who participate in Jewish life on their campuses. They will act as a resource to help inform students about the “peer-to-peer” missionary proselytizing and encourage them to spread the Be-True message and materials to their peers. The efforts of these Reps will greatly increase our outreach to high-risk students.

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