Missionaries Growing on Campus

Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz of Jews for Judaism, back from a lecture tour in North Carolina and Arizona, warns of growing missionary activity on U.S. campuses. Chabad on Campus Partners with Jews for Judaism Growing concern about missionary activity targeting Jewish college students is motivating Chabad Shluchim on campus to turn to Jews for Judaism for [Read More]

Skokie Community Briefed on Missionaries

Jews for Judaism activist Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz spent this past Shabbos in Illinois speaking about rescuing Jews from evangelicals. ‘Jews for Judaism’ director Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz was the scholar in resident at the Lubavitch Center in Skokie, IL. Rabbis Yosef Posner and Yochanan Posner organized the weekend Shabbaton that included a festive Shabbos meal and [Read More]

Christians and Jews and Sukkot in Israel

With over 6000 Christians from over 90 nations expected to take part in a Christian celebration of Sukkot in Israel this week, the chief rabbinate urged Jews to stay away from the event, saying some of the groups want to convert them to Christianity. Proselytizing is illegal in Israel. “According to information that has reached the chief [Read More]

Jewish Community Foundation Awards Jews For Judaism Major Grant

Jews for Judaism International is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded a significant Cutting Edge Grant from the Jewish Community Foundation to further its work in combating those who target Jews for conversion. The grant, in the amount of $175,000, will go toward its new “Community Mobilization and Empowerment Against Proselytizing” initiative. [Read More]

Adding to our Missionary Spammers list

Adding to our Missionary Spammers list If you receive unsolicited email from a missionary or missionary group and wish to include the information in our list, use the following form. Please keep in mind that we do NOT verify these. They are simply a reference you may choose to use in setting up spam filters [Read More]

Homeland Defense

For the past 21/2 years, our hearts and the hearts of all lovers of Zion have been heavy with concern. The perpetual reign of brutal terror that has taken hundreds of lives, crippled thousands and devastated our spiritual homeland impacts all of us. Against this horrific backdrop of physical violence, we tend to overlook the [Read More]

Missionary Groups Target Jews

Christian missionary groups have been planting literature targeting Jews at unsuspecting Jewish venues in the Los Angeles area recently, according to an alert sent out by Jews for Judaism, an anti-missionary group. Rabbi Benzion Kravitz, director of Jews for Judaism, says that a 75-page booklet containing the “Gospel According to Luke” in Hebrew and English [Read More]