ISAIAH 53 – Part 1

This video is the first of three sessions of Jews for Judaism’s “Defusing the Missionary Nuclear Bomb – The Isaiah 53 Counter-Missionary Seminar”. The go-to chapter in the Jewish Bible for missionaries seeking to convert Jews is Isaiah 53. They believe it is their best punch. This 3-part seminar exposes the fallacies in the missionary [Read More]

REAL MESSIAH Part 3 (Deaf)

#2 of a 6-part lecture series for Deaf Jews entitled the “Counter-Missionary Survival Seminar”, which responds to the 2,000 year-old claim by Christian missionaries that Jesus is the Jewish messiah. Using the Jewish Bible, where the concept of the Jewish Messiah has its foundation, Rabbi Skobac explains how two Billion Christians are wrong and that [Read More]