Perishing through Ignorance

For many Jews, it is difficult to imagine anyone becoming a Hebrew-Christian. What kind of people are most vulnerable to the missionary appeal? There are actually many factors that can account for someone’s being “at risk”. Here I’ll focus on just one of them. The problem today remains unchanged from the time the prophet Hosea [Read More]

I am Jewish, my Spouse is Not.

> Where can I relate to the Jewish Community? > How do I find ways to keep a connection to my traditions and my people? I’m sure you’re asking these questions continuously. So let’s set you on a new path! Your Journey Begins Here These links will lead you to all of our articles on [Read More]

From Islam & Christianity to Judaism – Nissim Black

The Amazing story of Nissim Baruch Black (born Damian Jamohl Black). Originally a non-Jewish secular artist under the name D. Black, he released two successful albums. After a hard life and a long journey of soul searching in Christianity and Islam he retired and started to focus on his conversion to Orthodox Judaism. Nissim, an [Read More]

Anti-Gravity Chair Weighed Me Down.

Our home is user friendly. We love to host visitors and guests. So it was a no-brainer to redo our backyard with a nice sitting patio. But the expense didn’t end there. Next was the patio furniture. With a tight budget we went searching online for those great deals everyone talks about. Then we saw [Read More]

Religion and School: The Law

Every school year Jews for Judaism receives numerous calls from concerned parents and professionals regarding the growing and alarming phenomenon of Jewish public school students being pursued by individuals and groups targeting them for conversion.