2015 Gala Enlightens and Inspires

More than 250 friends and supporters filled the room  at  Jews for Judaism’s annual Gala. The evening was launched with a cocktail reception where guests had a chance to mingle and bid in the silent auction. Highlights from the evening included the award presentations and inspiring talks. While attendees enjoyed a magnificent dinner they were [Read More]


As far as slogans go the Oakland Raider NFL franchise had it right. They marketed their team to the world with the catchphrase “Commitment to Excellence.” By and large, the Al Davis owned club of the 70’s and 80’s lived up to that motto. Of course, “Commitment to Excellence” is a concept not restricted to [Read More]

Making a Spiritual Connection

Conventional Jewish thinking defines the “religious person” as the man who puts on tefillin (frontlets), keeps kosher, and fasts on all the fast days. But he doesn’t meditate or reflect on his inner life, nor does he become involved in the community to do acts of chesed (kindness). Others will admire the “spiritual person” who [Read More]


Ever use an air pump to inflate a bicycle tire or a basketball? When you push down on the pump handle, you get the sensation that the pump is pushing back. Well, of course, it is. In the middle of the seventh century, the English scientist Robert Hooke developed an explanation for such behavior. He [Read More]

The Conversion Dilemma

Issue of the week #1 The Conversion Dilemma “The Jewish partner connecting to his/her roots, especially if he/she is starting to take on mitzvos, can cause a lot of stress in a marriage that was not there before. Even before any commitment to observance, just the thought of the situation arising may be seen as [Read More]

What is a Noachide?

What’s a Noachide? The Seven Universal Laws that were conveyed to all of mankind through primordial man (Adam) and handed down to Noah, form the basis of God’s moral expectations of mankind transmitted through the Torah. Those who choose to live by these principles are “Noachides”.

Recommended Reading

Twersky on Spirituality by Rabbi Abraham J. Twersky: In this book Rabbi Dr. Twerski looks at dozens of topics in everyday life and peels away the veneer to find the potential for spiritual enrichment. Twersky doesn’t preach. He teaches by story, example and experience. He is a writer who make us smile as we think. The [Read More]