Since the early 1960s, the rates of Jewish intermarriage have mushroomed, increasing tenfold. With extremely low birthrates and large numbers of Jewish people no longer identifying with the religion of Judaism – we are facing a grave demographic challenge. Many Jews are uncomfortable talking, or even thinking, about intermarriage – but this approach won’t make [Read More]

Your Turn – The Jewish Response To A Christian Challenge

If you are Jewish, you’re a target. Millions of evangelical Christians in North America are passionately committed to converting us to their faith. They fund over 1,000 different missionary organizations to spearhead this effort. These include groups like Jews for Jesus and Chosen People Ministries, as well as hundreds of Messianic congregations reaching out to [Read More]

Glossary of Personalities

Ramchal Is a name by which Rabbi Luzzato is commonly known and is a Hebrew acronym for Rabbi Moshe Chayim Luzzatto, scholar and teacher of Jewish ethics who lived in the 18th Century. Among his works, the Mesillas Yesharim, or Path of the Just, stands out both as an introduction to traditional Jewish philosophy, and [Read More]