Isaiah 53, Micah 7 and Isaiah 62

By Rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal Isaiah 53 (52:13 – 53:12) describes the servant of the Lord who shocks the world with his unexpected exaltation. The prophet presents us with the shocked words of the onlookers as they express their astonishment. From these words we learn that the onlookers were intimately familiar with the servant long before [Read More]

Supplement to Hope Faithfulness and Joy

Supplement to Hope Faithfulness and Joy Original Post: — Dear P. J. Thanks for your thoughtful questions. Your questions encourage us to try to find more light and more clarity in our search for truth. You asked me if Isaiah really predicted that the Jews will remain faithful to God throughout this long exile. [Read More]

Supplement to Contra Brown

A Critical Review of “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus” The underlying premise of Brown’s work is that if all the pertinent information were to be put on the table, the human sensitivity to truth would choose Christianity over Judaism. These five volumes serve to confirm the exact opposite. Brown has spared no effort to put [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Law and Chosenness – Adding to The Law

2. The Rabbinic institutions – adding to the Law We now move to the next Christian objection directed specifically at the Rabbinic institutions which are so prominent in Judaism. Moses specifically commands the people “do not add onto that which I command you” (Deuteronomy 4:2, 13:1). How then can the Rabbinic leaders legislate new decrees [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Law and Chosenness – The factions of Judaism in the Second Temple era

5. The factions of Judaism in the Second Temple era Yet another objection that Christians present in an effort to discredit the national legacy of our nation, focuses on the history of the Second Temple era. Josephus reports that there were three factions amongst the Jewish people who differed in their theological approach to Judaism [Read More]

The Council of My Nation – Law and Chosenness – Talmudic application of scripture

6. Talmudic application of scripture Another Christian objection directed against the authenticity of our nation’s legacy targets the Talmudic application of scripture. The Talmud is replete with quotations from scripture, but these quotations frequently fail to conform to the plain meaning of scripture. On some occasions the Talmudic interpretation seems to stand directly opposite the [Read More]