By Rabbi Michael Skobac Chanukah coincides each year with the reading of the story of Joseph in the cycle of weekly Torah portions. Our sages have discovered numerous connections between this holiday and the Joseph narrative. I’d like to suggest an additional connection help us appreciate what might be Chanukah’s underlying spiritual motif. “These are [Read More]

The Silent Holocaust – Rescuing Russian Jews

In today’s evangelical crusade for Jewish souls, missionaries have found one particularly vulnerable segment of our community. Unlike Jews in the West, who are usually somewhat resistant to conversion, our brethren who have lived behind the Iron Curtain are much less able to withstand the overtures of Christian missionaries. Even before the collapse of the [Read More]

Stolen Minds

Understanding Cults

According to recent estimates, there are now over 5,000 cults operating throughout North America. The lives of countless people are being negatively impacted by these insidious groups.

Intermarriage: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

By Rabbi Michael Skobac – 32-Page Book   Since the early 1960s, the rates of Jewish intermarriage have mushroomed, increasing tenfold. With extremely low birth rates and large numbers of Jewish people no longer identifying with the religion of Judaism – we are facing a grave demographic challenge. Many people are uncomfortable talking, or even [Read More]

Double-Edged Sword

Trojan Horse or a Blessing?

For Jewish communities in Israel and the Diaspora, the past two years have been a horrific nightmare with little end in sight. The ongoing war of terror in the Holy Land has seen unbearable human casualties and crippling economic fallout. This crisis has rippled throughout the world with a frightening rise in anti-Jewish sentiment, intimidation [Read More]