Your Turn – The Jewish Response To A Christian Challenge

If you are Jewish, you’re a target. Millions of evangelical Christians in North America are passionately committed to converting us to their faith. They fund over 1,000 different missionary organizations to spearhead this effort. These include groups like Jews for Jesus and Chosen People Ministries, as well as hundreds of Messianic congregations reaching out to Jews of all stripes.


Chanukah coincides each year with the reading of the story of Joseph in the cycle of weekly Torah portions. Our sages have discovered numerous connections between this holiday and the Joseph narrative. I’d like to suggest an additional connection help us appreciate what might be Chanukah’s underlying spiritual motif.

The Silent Holocaust – Rescuing Russian Jews

In today’s evangelical crusade for Jewish souls, missionaries have found one particularly vulnerable segment of our community. Unlike Jews in the West, who are usually somewhat resistant to conversion, our brethren who have lived behind the Iron Curtain are much less able to withstand the overtures of Christian missionaries.