The Hidden World

Our sages teach, “All the festivals are destined to be nullified [in the Messianic age], but the days of Purim will never cease to be observed.” (Midrash Mishlei 9:1) This startling comment may be understood if we consider the placement of Purim in the sequence of the other Jewish holidays. It may be suggested that [Read More]

Jews and Christmas: A Bad Match

I know it’s dicey to write a critical reflection on Jews embracing Christmas. Hearing the inevitable chorus of “intolerant Scrooge” certainly gives me pause. But seeing a piece in The CJN this winter holiday season by Michael Taube (Jews and Christmas: enjoy the holiday) urging fellow Jews to celebrate the wrong holiday was too painful to ignore. My [Read More]

Struggling With God

David Hazony’s recent book The Ten Commandments reveals that while most people feel strongly about the commandments, few are actually able to enumerate them. Even for those who have pondered these foundational spiritual directives, the very first one is often perplexing. Indeed, some thinkers have questioned whether the introductory statement that “I am the Lord [Read More]