Attacking the messenger and not the message

Reply to a letter to the editor

It is sad that Barbra Miner resorts to the old ploy of attacking the messenger and not the message. Yes, I was upset and passionate about the presence of Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews—also known as Hebrew Christians— and other missionaries at the Celebrate Israel Festival. But Barbra failed to share the essence of our [Read More]

Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”

We Need a Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”— Not Jews for Jesus Published:  12/6/2016 From: By: Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz   We Need a Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt-Right”— Not Jews for Jesus Concerns over the rise of political and nationalistic hostility toward Jews are valid, but they are not new. The [Read More]

Еврейская Ответ на миссионеров – Русский

The Jewish Response to Missionaries - Russian

С более чем 360 000 в печати, и доступны в восьми других языках, еврейский ответ на миссионеров в русском ясным, кратким и легким для чтения руководство и отличный ресурс для родителей, студентов, молодых взрослых, педагогов и раввинов.

7 Answers to Jews for Jesus – Spanish

Jews for Jesus is one of hundreds of evangelical Christian missionary organizations that spend millions of dollars each year to convert Jews. Despite any trappings of Jewish tradition utilized to mislead and entice, their theology is 100% Christian. In fact, many of their leaders aren’t Jewish. Both Jewish and Christian groups have denounced their tactics. [Read More]