Jews for Judaism Speakers Bureau

Jews for Judaism’s educational programs are a powerful way of strengthening our communities against the threat
of deceptive and aggressive missionaries and stimulate an honest assessment of our spiritual health and are an inspiring catalyst for positive change.

From Messianic Jew to Counter-Missionary – Part 1

Julius Ciss’ riveting story of his five-year involvement in the “Hebrew Christian” movement is a unique “insider’s” perspective on a process that has ensnared thousands of Jews. Julius recounts his discovery of why Judaism rejects the missionary message, and describes the return to his own faith, ultimately leading him to establish the Canadian branch of Jews for Judaism.

What Can We Learn

WHAT CAN WE LEARN… from Jews who stray to other religions? The numbers are not encouraging. Hundreds of thousands of Jews have embraced the Christian gospel over the past decades. Some studies estimate that 30% of North American Buddhists have a Jewish background. And countless other Jews have gravitated toward Hinduism, Sufism, Bahai and numerous [Read More]


 A JEWISH PERSPECTIVE ON INNER PEACE Seeking inner peace has become a multi-million dollar industry today. However, what is inner peace? According to Judaism, it is not the elimination of stress and conflict from our lives. This provocative lecture will clarify how Judaism understands this timely issue and provides practical approaches to achieving a life [Read More]

Mommy, Why Don’t We Have A Tree?

 Jewish views on Christmas and Christianity The “December Dilemma” is often an uncomfortable time for Jews living in places where Christianity is the default religion. It is virtually impossible to escape the avalanche of symbols and sounds of their winter holiday. This program explores how Judaism and the message of Christmas are mutually exclusive, and [Read More]

The Counter-missionary Survival Seminar

This highly acclaimed seminar is designed to provide the tools and knowledge to respond confidently to any missionary who challenges your beliefs. The curriculum covers all of the major claims that are raised by Christian missionaries. Attendees leave with a tremendous boost in their Jewish pride and confidence. The Counter-Missionary Survival Seminar is offered in [Read More]