The Power of Persuasion

Explore techniques used by everyone from Tele-Marketers, Cult-Recruiters, and Terrorists, to influence thinking and behavior. Through a series of interactive demonstrations and case studies, you will become aware of why one’s defenses fail and how critical thinking can be derailed. This fascinating program will make you “street smart”, enhance critical thinking skills and provide tools [Read More]

7 Answers to Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus is just one of hundreds of evangelical Christian missionary organizations that spend millions of dollars each year to convert Jews. Despite all the trappings of Jewish tradition they use to mislead and entice, their theology is 100% Christian. In fact, many of their leaders aren’t Jewish. Many evangelicals have adapted the Jews [Read More]


If you want to discover a depth of meaning about kindness, you need look no further than the wisdom of the Jewish Bible, which is referred to as the Torah, and the Jewish teachers and sages whose wisdom has been treasured for many centuries. So central is the trait of kindness in Judaism, that it is said [Read More]

2016 No Show Video

Jews for Judaism’s 2016 NoShow Gala is part of our annual fundraising campaign. Join Rabbi Kravitz as he shares a story of a family that he helped along their Jewish journey. Support the work of Jews for Judaism because together we can keep Jews Jewish.

What does the death of Sara have to do with King David?

Parsha with Rabbi Kravitz - Chayei Sarah

What does the deal of Sara have to do with King David? Welcome to another episode of Parsha with Rabbi Kravitz. This week’s Parsha is Chayei Sarah. The Parsha opens by telling us that Sarah dies at age 127 and is buried in the Machpelah Cave in Hebron, which Abraham purchases from Ephron the Hittite [Read More]