Create in God’s Image

From the teachings of Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Leib Alter [Rabbi Akiva] used to say: Beloved is man, for he was created in [G‑d’s] image; it is indicative of greater love that it was made known to him that he was created in [G‑d’s] image…(Avot 3:14) The verse cited by our Mishna demonstrates that man was [Read More]

Judaism and Reincarnation

By Yerachmiel Tilles How prevalent is the Jewish belief in reincarnation today? How does it differ from the Asian belief? What do the Rabbis think of it? The root of the word “Torah” is the verb “to instruct”. Torah’s primary function is to teach us how to live Jewishly, in harmony with G‑d’s will. As [Read More]

Eternity of Torah and Mitzvos

By Nissan Dovid Dubov After the Resurrection, will the 613 commandments still apply? 1 In particular, what of those that require involvement with the physical world? If, as some authorities hold,2 there is no eating or drinking, how will one observe the mitzvah of reciting the Grace after Meals which is based on the verse,3 [Read More]

What is the Jewish view on Interfaith debates?

R. Moshe Feinstein, in a set of halakhic letters penned in 1967 to R. Yosef B. Soloveitchik of Boston and to Dr. Bernard Lander (Igr. Moshe YD 3:43-44), unequivocally forbade Jewish participation in ecumenical dialogue with the Church, citing both concern for apostasy as well as inherent prohibitions of such dialogue. R. Feinstein was firm [Read More]

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult – Part 3

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult (Kabbalah) Part Three: Madonna’s Magical Mystical Tour Demi! Ashton! Marla! Roseanne! When it comes to attracting celebrities, the Bergs have given Scientology a run for its money. But their lucky star is an aging pop icon who has funded the Centre to the tune of $18 million… and counting. Radar Magazine/June [Read More]

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult – Part 2

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult (Kabbalah) Part Two: In the Beginning Radar’s investigation of the Kabbalah Centre continues, focusing on founder Philip Berg, insurance salesman-turned- guru, and his second wife, who conceived the idea of dumbing down Jewish mysticism and selling it to the masses. Radar Magazine/June 16, 2005 | By Mim Udovitch For an outer-borough [Read More]

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult – Part 1

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult (Kabbalah) Part One: Red String Theory A four-month Radar investigation reveals how a renegade rabbi and his striver wife ended up atop a multi-million-dollar empire built on bracelets, bottled water, and Madonna. Radar Magazine/June 15, 2005 | By Mim Udovitch On a clear spring night in April 2004, Madonna, Guy Ritchie, [Read More]

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult – Part 4

Inside Hollywood’s Hottest Cult (Kabbalah) Part Four: There’s No Profit Like Non-Profit Radar Magazine/June 1, 2005 | By Mim Udovitch How did a family of middle class mystics end up with matching mansions in Beverly Hills? Our final installment examines how the Kabbalah Centre is pouring millions into a network of businesses controlled by the [Read More]

A Parent’s Cry for Help

Our oldest son informed us that he was dating a Christian girl.  At the start, we reluctantly accepted the relationship, expecting that it would not last. After all, how could it?  He attended Jewish day school through eighth grade, and continued his Jewish studies through high school. We were active in our synagogue, kept kosher [Read More]