Keeping Jews Jewish

Our Mission

The Mission of Jews for Judaism is to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity through education and counseling that counteracts deceptive proselytizing targeting Jews for conversion and promotes critical thinking.

Jews for Judaism is an international organization that provides a wide variety of counseling services, along with education, and outreach programs that enable Jews of all ages to rediscover and strengthen their Jewish heritage.

We are a positive resource, utilized and endorsed by all denominations of Judaism. Our warm and open-minded approach successfully reaches out to individuals who have been lured away from Judaism by other belief systems or through assimilation.

Our Story

Jews for Judaism was established in 1983. It has become the Jewish community's leading response to the multi-million dollar efforts of cults and evangelical Christians who target Jews for conversion.

Jews for Judaism's preventative education is a catalyst that inspires the revitalization of the spiritual life of Jews and Judaism and at the same time inoculates the Jewish community from external influences.

Thank You Jews for Judaism for saving my Jewish faith

I would like to thank Jews for Judaism for saving my Jewish faith. I was considering converting to Christianity, but Jews for Judaism showed me that Christianity is a false religion and that Jesus does not fulfill prophecy. Christians have changed god’s commandments and taken their religion in an entirely different direction. As Jews, the [Read More]
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Because of the fierce proselytizing in Israel today by evangelical Christians, I share your page often. Keep up the great work. You are the number one force against the reckless “Jews for Jesus” movement.
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Rabbi Alice Dubinsky

Your presentation helped our URJ members feel that they are not alone in the struggle and that they have someone to turn to with real expertise…I was especially grateful for your sensitivity and respectfulness in dealing with the needs of the Reform Jewish community.
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Rabbi Laura Geller

The issues that you raised in your presentation are important for all high school students to hear…our students voted to ask you to speak again.
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Susan Richter

Thank you so much for an exciting and absorbing afternoon… in fact no one left early, an unusual occurrence at our luncheons.
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The Jews For Judaism Team